Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Creating Gigs The Correct Way


  1. Hi Fergal,

    Thanks for your advise.

    Yesterday, I got my first order of my gig.

    I followed your advise and I believe it works.

    Thank you again!


  2. Fergal
    Thank you very much for your training videos. They really are informitive. I also ordered your wso fiverr lifestyle and it is great as well.I want to succeed on fiverr.

    Larry Atterberry

  3. But it's like fooling people and they will be disappointed if they found out that what they bought is actually an ebook, which they can download for free on the Internet. I tried this method and somebody asked me about the details of the gig. I can't lie, I said it's an ebook. Besides, they can give you a negative feedback.

  4. I have a question about it... Ok, in the title it is best to not mention about eBooks or guides, but is it also wrong to put something like "I developed this easy and step by step guide..." in the description? Should I change it into "I decided to show you in a step by step way..." for example? Or it doesn't matter? Anyway thanks Fergal for the all the advice.

  5. @ martinpellizzer - I'm not an expert, but you can add your name as author to plr products since you own the private label rights. Putting your name as author is like saying it is your method. Maybe you would feel more comfortable quoting a paragraph from the introduction. It will be relevant and also honest, because as the author, you are quoting your own words, so to speak.

  6. I have a question. How does this all work on the other 'fiverr' type sites? My usual gigs pull NOTHING on those that I have tried, leading me to think that they are all rubbish.

    But does this method work on any others and if so, which? (If you are prepared to divulge!)

  7. Hi Fergal,

    Thanks again for your great FiverSniper videos. They are some of the best how-to videos available. As a very frequent Buyer of Fiverr
    gigs, I am excited about trying to be a seller. Thanks for all the sincere hints.

    All the Best,

  8. Fergal, Ive followed what you said and Im not getting any View at all, its weird as my normal account I get loads of views in the first hour.

  9. Thanks for all the sincere hints.
    I try to set up a gig everywhere even on this site

    1. Same here. I set them up here as well and

      Will check out the site you mentioned too

    2. Now it is up to you to do some more research on the subject if you are interested. dofollow link

  10. Is freecourse4u on Fiverr you? You used that name in your first tutorial video I saw but it says they are from India. There are gigs exactly as you described but with no sales in 7 months....

  11. I've read the comments above and see that people have some reservations. Let me add my comment. Successful internet marketers have NO SCRUPLES. I've seen it time and time again. You saw Fergal put the description "I sell this on my website for $39". Clearly that's a lie. Much of what you see is a lie. They call it marketing.
    It's a numbers game, you sell 100 and 10 of them complain. You give them their money back and no-one sees the negative feedback. It's marketing in the new age. Bolster the positive, suppress the negative and say what it takes to get a sale.
    Now, after ten years of watching people doing this, I haven't made a penny because I have ethics. Let me make it clear. ETHICS DOES NOT COME INTO INTERNET MARKETING.
    You must decide whether you want to play the marketing game. But you must accept that all of the methods you will learn are from people with no ethical standards.
    Personally, I'm coming round to that.
    Play the numbers game. Or don't play at all.

    1. That's all utter nonsense. There are plenty of ethical Internet marketers. It's ignorant to attribute your failure to make a penny to the fact that you have ethics. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. If you haven't made money, it's because you don't know what you're doing, but can't face that painful fact.

    2. Who says I haven't made a penny? And what failure would that be you are referring to? I do very well. You are making assumptions about me assuming I'm bitter and twisted because I dared kick back. Not at all.
      I wish everyone well but I find it difficult to tell a pack of lies like recommend products I have never tried, for example. Or to tell people I'm an authority on something I haven't got a clue on, for example. Or to lie about how much something really costs, for example. Or to make claims I have no business making, for example. The list goes on and on and ON.
      It is NOT ethical..
      That's not to say all internet marketers are unethical that's just untrue but most of the ones I've come across are. Even if it's only to a small degree. I don't mean they are scamsters, that is totally different. I mean telling a bunch of untruths to make a sale is now normal and acceptable. You probably don't even notice any more.
      In fact you said that I spoke utter nonsense when I clearly outlined at least one thing that was obviously a lie. That is not nonesense, it is there to be seen. "Tell them it's for sale on your website for $39". It's bollocks. It's a lie and it's not my lie, it's his. Wake up. Make a decision whether you are happy with that but don't pretend to yourself.

      I'm even ok with those who do this, but I don't intend to do that. I use my own ethical standards and I do ok.
      That's not a "painful fact" which I can't face. It's great and I'm very comfortable with it.

      Get real, take off the blinkers.

      Don't expect a fight I'm off elsewhere to do something more productive than blabbing here and I can't really be bothered anyway. Enough said.

  12. Fergal:

    You have not made any comments on any of the participants in this thread.

    There many questions in the air.

    Please reply.

    Thank you.

  13. Being legitimate and honest online, and offline, too, makes marketing very difficult.

    Like Ian says, you see all the super hyped marketing every where.

    The most successful gurus do it all the time. They even make the sales pitch of what other gurus do, tell lies, while they are doing exactly the same on that sales pitch.

    They are more aggressive and desperate in these financial chaotic times.

    But, buyers do it because of this.

    If you are honest and reliable, it is very very very very very difficult to make a sale.

    People buy by emotion, not reason or rationale.

    Emotions love lies, people buy even if they know it is a possible 100% lie.

    They want to believe, and that is what makes them succumb to all these fairytales.

    That's why 1% of successful people live out of the other 99% honest people.

    I have been marketing online and offline for years.

    If you tell it like it is, people won't buy.

    I have a very difficult time marketing because of that.

    I don't want to give in.

    I want to keep legitimate and honest.

    Just some of my thoughts.

    Luis Antonio

  14. My dear you can tell i can new gig show in AUOTO catagorie.My all new gigs is not show in auoto.this show in NEW catagorie.tell me my dear many tricks.

  15. I have just been through all the videos, they are BRILLIANT, and this is from a retired MBA Professor of Business English !!
    I have lost loads of money buying software and earning ZERO - so I think that this is what I have been praying for. Wish me luck !!

  16. Info is good, and I think I will do just what the video says on my Blog

  17. I prefer the reverse fiverr method? but this is good info...


  18. I tried to get fiverr sniper but the site is not working anymore.

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